WindDance parafoil stunt kites/sport kites by Seattle AirGear 
Hotter speed and turning than competition kites.  Higher-quality exercise and livelier pull than power kites.
WindDances are "airgear," a new concept.  They fly better and feel more exciting than typical stunt kites.
Our other advancements:  Ergo T-handles that boost feel, control, exercise.  Natural active FLY-a-kite skill.
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What is dual-line kite flying?

What is kite FLYING?

Want fun
good exercise?

If so, you want
every one of these
basic FLYING qualities.

In the marketplace
there are hundreds
of dual-line
stunt/sport kites
to choose from.

Including expensive
high-tech models.

How do
stand out?
  -- Hotter acceleration!  Higher speed!
  -- Faster turns!  More-powerful turns!
  -- More responsive to pull-on-your-kite-line skills!
  -- More responsive to the wind!
  -- Wider wind range!
  -- Each model is a light-wind and a strong-wind kite!
  -- One peak-tuned bridle setting is good for ALL winds!
  -- Easier to fly!  Use pull-on-your-kite-line skill!
  -- New exciting feel:  the pull RISES when you turn!
  -- Superior exercise!
  -- Two can WindDance side-by-side together!
  -- Virtually indestructible!  Longer-lasting!

How WindDancing compares to trick, competition, and power flying.

How -- & why -- WindDances FLY better in the three fundamental ways   In brief

Regard WindDances as sports equipment or recreational gear -- airgear -- not as typical kites

WindDancing is like driving.  Use this analogy to troubleshoot sport-kite FLYING skill.




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WindDance 1 in a sharp turn at 50 mph -- one wingtip flies at 100 mph, in 10 mph wind!

The "WindDance" flight envelope!     The BEST way to get hooked!

The essence of WindDancing: excitement, exercise, and laughter!     Field reports

Top selling points     Why WindDances FLY so well     Why they're so EASY to fly

WindDance side-by-side with a partner!  A whole new world of fun!  No other kites come close!

The many things a WindDance offers!     Your money's worth

Compare with other parafoils     Compare with sparred-parafoils     Compare with deltas

What's included in the total WindDance product     Additional gear needed

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What is a stunt kite?   What is a sport kite?   What is trick flying?

What is a power kite?   What is stacking?

Competitive vs. fun-recreational flying     How the public sees 'expert' flying

Straight-flight speed & pull     Turning speed & pull     FLYING technique     FLYING exercise

How does a dual-line kite turn?     Apparent vs. actual speed     Airspeed vs. groundspeed

What is "kite FLYING"?   Speed-&-pull basics   How speed & pull affect FLYING performance

Want a dual-line kite that FLIES well? Qualities to look for. "High-tech" isn't one of them.

How improperly designed and engineered kites limit your fun

How the sport evaluates dual-line kites

The best control handles     A better method than sleeving

Wind quality     How to measure and judge the wind

Safety     Fundamental performance equations of dual-line kite FLYING     Kite sailing

Sport overview     Kite Physics 101     Kite Physics 102

News & commentary, 1998-1999           News & commentary, 1997

Beneath the smiling surface: The "kite culture" has erected an obstacle course of
six major barriers between the general public and easy high-performance fun-FLYING

The sport's huge kite-FLYING knowledge void

Why we had to start selling direct
The jungle of hype -- wouldn't comprehensive & accurate education be better?
How the "kite culture" has damaged the sport
What the sport promotes vs. what people want
Why can't the sport also offer easy high-performance fun-FLYING?
Why can't organized kiting & kite retailers educate and give people a choice?

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