WindDance parafoil stunt kites/sport kites by Seattle AirGear 
Hotter speed and turning than competition kites.  Higher-quality exercise and livelier pull than power kites.
WindDances are "airgear," a new concept.  They fly better and feel more exciting than typical stunt kites.
Our other advancements:  Ergo T-handles that boost feel, control, exercise.  Natural active FLY-a-kite skill.

The sport's best-kept secret:  the basics and pure fun of "REAL kite flying!"

The awesome new way to fly:  The Basics and Pure Fun of "REAL kite flying!"
How GOOD is it?  Read the banner above -- and THIS and THIS, too!
All you need are airgear , full basic skill, & sensible handles!


WindDance dual-line parafoil stunt kites/sport kites are developed, sold, and backed by Seattle AirGear.
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