WindDance parafoil stunt kites/sport kites by Seattle AirGear
Hotter speed and turning than competition kites.  Higher-quality exercise and livelier pull than power kites.
WindDances are "airgear," a new concept.  They fly better and feel more exciting than typical stunt kites.
Our other advancements:  Ergo T-handles that boost feel, control, exercise.  Natural active FLY-a-kite skill.

WindDance review by Kite Lines magazine

The review   Our comments
Name of kite WindDance 1 WindDance 2 WindDance 3
Manufacturer Seattle Air Seattle Air Seattle Air
Sgstd Retail Price $89 $119 $139
Sail Material RN RN RN
L'ding Edge Material n/a n/a n/a
Framing Material n/a n/a n/a
Fittings n/a n/a n/a
Dimensions 5'6" x 22.4" 6'11" x 22.4" 8'4" x 22.4"
Sail Depth at stand-offs n/a n/a n/a
Sail Area 8.8 sq ft 11.4 sq ft 14.1 sq ft
Weight (oz.) 5.5 7.0 8.5
Suggested Wind (mph) 4-30 3.5-30 3-30
Suggested Lines (lbs) 150 150 200
Skill Level Required N N N
Assembly (minutes) 1 1 1
Launch/Relaunch E VG G
Landing/Ground Work G G G
Responsiveness E E G
Ability to dwell n/a n/a n/a
Straight Speed F F M
Speed in Turns F F M
Precision/Tracking E E E
Amount of Pull L M H
Amount of Noise Sl Sl Sl
Visual/Graphics VG VG VG
Workmanship E E E
Portability E E E
Durability E E E
NOTES: Retail price (in US dollars) is as "advertised" or "suggested." Wind range (mph) covers minimum and maximum speeds deemed suitable by our evaluators. Dimensions are in the following order: width x height. Measurements and (usually) drawings are made with the kite standing on the floor facing the viewer. Materials: RN-Ripstop Nylon, RP-Ripstop Polyester, DT-Dacron Tape, WD-Wooden Dowels, B-Bamboo, FG-Fiberglass, GR-Graphite, EP-Epoxy, CF-Carbon Fiber, PRF-Prizmafilm, r-Rods, t-Tubes, MP-Molded Plastic, V-Vinyl. Speed: SL-Slow, M-Medium, F-Fast. Skill levels: N-Novice, I-Intermediate, SK-Skilled. Pull: L-Low, M-Medium, H-High. Noise: Sl-Silent, L-Low, M-Medium, H-High. Other Ratings: P-Poor, A-Acceptable, G-Good, VG-Very Good, E-Excellent, n/a-not applicable.


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